Sneak Peek: My Living Room

I decided that I will not be afraid to share my home with I need to document these photos for future uses, right? A lot of my fri...

I decided that I will not be afraid to share my home with I need to document these photos for future uses, right? A lot of my friends think my rental is cute and charming, but to be honest I was quite embarrassed of it for a good while. Although it is not bad looking, it is not 100% in the best shape. I can still remember the first day I walked through my front doors and the lingering odor that no one but me and my mom could smell. I remember asking the landlord if they cleaned this place prior to us moving in, obviously she said yes...but I beg to differ.
Let me que you in on the backstory of my rental...the mister picked this rental out. Did I send him the info on this rental?..."Yes, I did"...but to my defense I sent him a whole bunch of other listings and a criteria list of what I wanted. Not to be surprised, 99.9% of what this house is made up of was on the what not-to-rent portion of that list. Let's just say, my cleaning standards are a lot higher than *cough* the misters. Under the grime, odor, and nastiness of this place, this place was truly a diamond in the rough.

Let me break it down, I love older homes (pre 1990s, preferably 1970s and older) but at the time we moved in we did not have the money or time care for a home this age. Our very first rental was 110 years old and very charming but it took a lot of TLC and love and at that time we did not have children. Fast forward to 2012 when we first moved to the triangle area, I had 2 toddlers and a baby (not a crawling baby, but the stage between newborn and crawler)...I had a lot on my plate....too much at that time. This rental is about as old as me, but like I said needs some work. I did take photos of his place when we moved in, but I will spare my embarrassment.
BOM BOM is my living room! There is really not much to the schematics of my house or my sense of decor. I like a lot of different things and I am still trying to make this place more cohesive with the budget I have. In my living room I have my ever so blown up Natasha Law inspired art, my Chinoiserie print sofa that needs to be reupholstered, my pair of beautiful-mistake side tables/night stands, and my gold target metal table. Ummm yes, we do gave bunny ears and I would love to move that metal table but it attracts great reception right where it is at.
I love the simplicity of my fireplace, I just wish I could paint it....but oh well. I plan to add a creative spin to the fireplace surround so be on the lookout for that. My hutch in the corner and tv stand at this time are temporary until I can find other pieces to fit the space and look I am going for. I cannot complain because I purchased both pieces for a combine total of $25 and it was made by Ethan Allen. The barrel back chairs, I will discuss more about on a later post. My art on the side of the fireplace you can find here. The print of the woman that sits on my hutch can also be found here. Just a side note, 90% of my living room pieces were thrift store or craigslist purchases.
Let me stop complaining, because out of all of our rentals this is one of my favorite (well,it is in my top 2). I have been able to decorate and rediscover my style all on a budget. Although, I may seemed stressed with all I do, I am happily stressed that I am able to do what I love...being a creative decorating mom. In the end that is what I want to do and the only thing that keeps me sane. So far this is it, I do plan to add more pieces, but creativity takes time. Please note, that headboard behind my loveseat is just a conversation, it is future DIY.

NOTE: if I were to calculate the how much I spent to furnish my living room, it would come out to approximately $300 with the pink love seat being my most expensive purchase at $99 and the Non art basically free (approximately $3 on 4 canvas').

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