Kitchen Breakdown

Warning: this is going to be one wordy post! This week I am going to focus on breaking down my kitchen remodel with cost analysis and bef...

Warning: this is going to be one wordy post!
This week I am going to focus on breaking down my kitchen remodel with cost analysis and before and afters. I would love to share diy tutorials on every little diy but unfortunately I did not record every little diy. Sorry folks.
Most of the objects in my kitchen I already had prior to the remodel but that is okay because it fits in so well in my kitchen. Enough said, let's break-it-down!
The camel back sofa (see here) I got for free off of craigslist. Originally, I planned to reupholster the piece but changed my mind after coming to the conclusion that the fabric I wanted would have cost me an arm and a leg (basically my whole decor budget and then some for one month). So that was a no go. Note: I will provide the details of my couch diy on a later date this week, so look for it.
The kitchen table also was a diy project, but the table itself was $4, if you considered the fact that I purchased the table plus four chairs for the price of $20. You can check out my old kitchen chairs that I purchased with my table, here and here. Note: I will not provide a tutorial on how to paint a table, there are a plethora of furniture painting tutorials on the web. I will let you know that I used enamel paint on the table and I absolutely love it! It is super durable and so far has held up with my kids and their spills.
Unfortunately or is it fortunately....hmmm, I will let you cannot see my kitchen chairs, but they were given to me by a friend and I just reupholstered them. The kitchen chairs are your basic metal restaurant chairs. What I love about these chairs is the simplicity in the design of the chair. I do NOT plan on keeping these chairs long term, I am actually hoping to find some black acrylic chairs similar to an Eames school house chair (here) or maybe even lucite ikea chairs (here) or inexpensive ghost chairs (here). I know I have high hopes, big dreams, and a little money. Ha!
All of the decor around the table I already had or was free. Before I go any further, the large black and white print near the window is a diy reproduction of the "LES TOUCHES" fabric not les touch, my apologies. The vases on the table were a total diy, that I will share on a later date. The gold round tray is from target that I purchased back in December of 2013. The two white mirrors were approximately $10 together ($4.98 each to be exact) and were purchased from Target. I was suppose to use the mirrors in my sons room but changed my mind (see my inspiration board here). The Hello Love printable I used look like this:
The print above can be found on the site classy clutter and is totally free! Yay! The other print was a total diy and is a basic representation of how I feel....
Yeah, I totally took that crappy photo! Lol. I am sooooooo soooo bad at photography. Ha.
If you haven't noticed, I totally went jute. I scored one hell-o of a deal at target. The rug was originally about $150...but thanks to it being repackaged and returned by a friendly shopper, I got it for $38...Whoop, whoop! Check it out in my kitchen....
I feel like this rug pulls my kitchen together. At first, I wasn't sure if I would like the navy jute mixed into the rug, but I love it! It adds a bit of color to a somewhat boring vinyl floor. Also, since having an area rug in the kitchen, there have a lot less spills going on. Gotta love that, right?
Now on to the opposite side of the eating area...the sideboard was a free find on craigslist (here), I just pulled off the top, painted it, replaced the knobs and applied a faux marble honed top to it. Again, I will touch bases with this piece on another post later this week.
The mirror is actually my absolute favorite mirror in my house. Believe it or not, I passed it up the first time I saw it at the thrift store. I literally, no kidding, went back the next morning, family in tow, just to get it....I had to have it!
Y'all are probably wondering, "who has a lamp in their kitchen?".,.I DO! My house is so dark, we need to put lighting wherever we possibly can. That alone is another reason my pics come out crazy. Lol! Note on the lighting in my house, we do not have ceiling lights in our living room or bedrooms and our light in our kitchen is kind of wonky. Back to the lamp, it is also a Nate Berkus lamp purchased off of the clearance rack with a coupon stacked on it for $13. I actually purchased the lamp above and the asymmetric gold Nate Berkus lamp with hopes that the asymmetric one would work better with the space, but it did not so I returned it. The lamp shade was thrifted with another modern lamp. Although I do like the lamp shade I do not like that everything is so square in that vignette.
The curtains are sailcloth white curtain panels purchased from Wal-Mart when we moved into our rental. I believe those curtains may be discontinued, I purchased mine off the clearance rack.
Now to the grit of this area, the art...all but one was free...the two large prints were free craigslist finds. The two floral prints were free printables from the site Vintage Printables. That site has a plethora of free printables that would look great in any home. love It! The picture of the lips sold by The Aestate but is no longer available. Let me just, The Aestate has some GORGEOUS prints for sale, check it out. That is basically it for this makeover, but I will leave you with one of my favorite FREE craigslist art.
Is she not a beauty?...This is absolutely gorgeous and one of my favorite finds!

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