The Best of "Craig": Industrial Cabinet meets California Dream

We have been snowed in...well, actually "iced" in over here in N.C. The mister has been home and I have been completely lazy (thi...

We have been snowed in...well, actually "iced" in over here in N.C. The mister has been home and I have been completely lazy (this happens every time he stays home from work...who wants to work while everyone else is relaxing?). This past weekend the kids and I were all sick and we just started to feel better. Since we were cooped up part of the weekend we have been itching to get out. No luck with that...the roads were all slippery, so I resort to the next best thing...Craigslist. 

I have been in a selling mood lately and the next things that I want gone are my bedroom dressers.  I am hoping they sell quickly, but who knows. I have been searching "Craig" for prospective dresser candidates to replace what we have and so far this is what I have been drawn to. 

Since I was too afraid to drive, I sent the mister out to go and check out my latest craigslist find...and it was a no go. My heart literally broke as he was describing his face to face encounter with the dresser to me. I just could not believe, I took a drive for myself and....the mister was right, I literally could hear the mister's voice in my head..."don't do it"...there was just too much to do for the price they wanted. 

This "dresser" which is actually a cabinet is a vintage Woolworth cabinet that use to hold gloves. The metal frames on the drawer fronts had a glass that slid into them to display the gloves. 

What intrigued me the most about this piece was the endless possibilities that I had envisioned for it. In my rental, I would use it to store undergarments and clothes. In my house (whenever I purchase one), it could be used as a kitchen island, or in my office, or in the garage. The storage possibilities are endless and I love the back story....I got to make my way over to the salvage yard...

If I were to have purchase this unit, I would incorporate a So Cal meets industrial theme to my room. 
I know the rooms below scream girly, but for some odd reason they remind me of hollywood, right. Anyways, these rooms would have served as some sort of inspiration. 

My rental is a dungeon and I love how fresh and sunny these room look. I want my room to feel this way....If I could wake up to a room like one of these, it would put the biggest smile on my face :)

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