The Pro's and Con's to a Painted Rug

Less than a year ago I DIYed a painted rug using the back side of vinyl flooring. The results were astounding...I loved it, it provided eno...

Less than a year ago I DIYed a painted rug using the back side of vinyl flooring. The results were astounding...I loved it, it provided enough umph to make me smile everytime I saw it. Most of all, this rug was wipeable and seemed I thought. Before I actually created a rug for myself I did some extensive research on wipeable rugs...well, I read up on all that I can find on the wipeable rugs.


Last October I created this rug and all was great than this past February I got sick and my children were being handled by the mister and in the mist of things my baby girl somehow gotten into my glitter...and had a party with it, confetti and all. Note, prior to this none of my children have ever played with glitter or even known I had a stash in my craft stuff. Lets just say, I was one mad momma after that. Once I got better I deep cleaned the rug and I still could not get all the glitter out...I even had the kids helping out, trying to see if their itty bitty fingers could do the trick. Nothing was ever the same...(sigh).

Let it be known, I do not dislike my rug I just wish I would have known the pros and cons before I created one. With that said, I compiled a small list of pro's and con's...what I love and absolutely utterly dislike about my rug.



I decided to diy this rug simply because it was wipeable and at that time we ate in the dining room and it was easy cleanup. This type of rug is custom made so it literally can fit into any design can apply a pattern, border, or keep it solid. It gives a space visual appeal and can pose as art on a floor. I love the way it looks in my space and the I love the colors used. It is beetle juice, but not in your face.



I literally cannot stand the itty bitty specks of glitter that seem to have dug their way into the crevices of this is annoying. To top it off, since the glitter accident cleaning the rug has been a nuisance, I feel like it always looks dirty, which is a headache all in itself. I literally have to get on my hands and knees and clean this baby one small area at a time, a normal mop will not work. One should know the consequences of dragging furniture...don't do it on a painted wipeable rug, it will scratch off the paint. Trust me it has happened. A quick fix trick that I always do when this occurs is I touch it up using the same colored nail polish...hey, it has enamel in it already. Talk about paint....I should have known I would see everything when I painted this baby black and white (I love those colors). For future reference I would choose a pattern and paint colors that would hide dirt to where it is not completely visible to the eye.



This rug was easy to create and am happy I did it, I just don't know if it will make it to a was not a waste, I just cannot get passed the glitter.


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  1. Love your blog! And that rug is bold and beautiful. Maybe you could repaint it the same c olors and try to cover up the glitter. I am all for salvaging the unsalvagable.

    1. Sorry for the late response, I just saw this! I decided to give the rug away. I love your view point on salvaging the unsalvageable.