The Best of "Craig": Vintage Edition

    1. Vintage Sofa - $50 Man I love this sofa! The fabric is nice and according to the seller is in mint condition. There is one blemish on...



1. Vintage Sofa - $50

Man I love this sofa! The fabric is nice and according to the seller is in mint condition. There is one blemish on the sofa, and that is the wood on the arm is looks fixable but one will never know unless they see it for themselves. The chipped wood would have to be something I would look into. If I were to purchase this I would put in in my childrens room and reupholster it with a fun funky boho print and paint the wood.

2. Vintage Sectional - $100 is no secret that I want a vintage sectional. This one is super affordable and in good condition. It has some sort of floral print which can be a turn off to others, but I find it quite charming. It is going for a great price and I hope someone snatches that baby up.

3. Pair of Vintage Occassional Chairs - $90

Now, this is a sight! I have been eyeing these chairs for a while. They look mid century modern and kind of mad-menish minus the vinyl. I love these chairs and the color is not so bad either...I do not know where I would put these if I were to purchase them.

4. 4 Vintage Mid Century Cosco Chairs - $80

When I first saw this set of Vintage Hamilton Cosco chairs all I could think of was...GAME NIGHT! These chairs are in good condition and super cool!

5. Pair of Slipper Chairs - $125

Lately,I have been in love and just swooning over slipper chairs. I don't know why....but anyways, I thought this was a great find. I love the fabric and the whole upholstery tack look. It looks very posh!

6. Vintage Mexican Bench - $275

This bench is so ethnic and boho....I love it! Throw some vibrant...more alive pillows on that baby and maybe even reupholster the cushion and this bench will be golden.

7. Vintage Sofa - $100

This find was more retro-cool, not necessarily the prettiest, but I love the fabric and I believe if this piece were in the right setting, it can be very glamorous and a show stopper.

8. Vintage Floor Lamp - $65

Canary yellow, that is all I am cool!

9. Mirror - $65

I can picture this mirror in a little girls room, it is snow-whitish and beautiful. The price is not bad compared to how much mirrors cost now a days.

10. Vintage lockers - $200

This is my absolute find out of craigslist post this week. I have never seen a wooden vintage locker set before. If only I had a mud room to put this in, I would snatch this baby up like there is no tomorrow....aaaaahhh. No painting or DIY necessary!



Below: I had to share, I thought these bar stools were gorgeous. They have been recently reupholstered and the owner did not stop to make it anything less than glamorous.



Besides the stool, check out the colors on the rug.....Gorgeous!



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