The Best of "Craig": If Money Were No Object

In the Ferrari or Jaguar, switchin four lanes * With the top down screamin out * Money ain't a thang . Yes that song was stuck in my mi...

In the Ferrari or Jaguar, switchin four lanes * With the top down screamin out * Money ain't a thang. Yes that song was stuck in my mind while I was seeking out the best of "Craig"....Since a budget is typically on my mind when doing...everything, I decided to not put a cap on my craigslist finds for this week. So here's to the best of "Craig": if money were no object...enjoy

Hint: I based my finds on what I thought was pretty cool

1. Black Sofa/Vanity Table - $125

Honestly, this table is a Gorgeous!...and it is in great condition. According to the seller the only reason she is letting it go is because she is moving. She also states that it has a laquer finish, but by looking at the piece, it looks like it is acrylic -plastic, like what ghost chairs are made of, except colored or like my dining table (here). No matter what the finish is you cannot deny its beauty!

2. Blue Mid Century Eiffel Arm Chair - $90

Wow...Talk about feeling alive...this chair screams fresh, fun, and cool! This chair is in EXCELLENT condition and priced to sell. For those who love a sprinkle of color this chair can add the right amount of pop in a room without it feeling overwhelming.

3. Grey Mid Century Atomic Couch - $3800, ouch!

Beautiful, unique, and extremely rare to find. The seller did not provide much information about this sofa but from what I gathered this sofa is MCM, most likely manufactured in the '50s and is very similar in style to Adrian Pearsall's Mid Century Couch by Craft Associates. I would not be shocked if it is a Pearsall couch, since it fits his style of sofas especially with the walnut base. A jewel of a find with an expensive price tag, but well worth it!

4. Pair of Tufted Barrel Back Chairs with Cane Sides - $250

This one is a little hard for me to swallow since one chair has a small blemish on the cane work. Although steep in price, I was drawn to this set because it is being sold as a set and I had such a hard time finding a pair of barrel backs.

5. Blue Mid Century Chair - $395

I have never seen anything like it....all I can say, is based off of the photo....this is one freaking COOL chair and the fabric looks plush and clean! note: research was done, but zilch...nothing came up, maybe I am typing in the wrong things. Hmm...

6. Pair of Antique Brass Twin Beds - $700

I have not said this out loud...but I totally want a brass bed for my sons "future" room. When I saw this, I literally had to pick my jaw up. The seller is selling 2 brass identical beds from the 1800's. How cool is that and they happen to be, according to the seller, in FANTASTIC condition. Another plus, the railing that holds the boxspring and mattress up is also brass! Now when do you see that?

7. Mid Century Daybed - $825

This daybed would look great in a beach house, right? This is a refurbished mid century daybed similar to those in the Eames era. It surely is beautiful, but utterly not kid friendly. Great find though!

8. Pair of Yellow Mid Century Swivel Chairs - $280

OMGoodness! These are are so vibrant, it is gorgeous. I love color and I rarely, if ever, see vintage swivel chairs this alive...if you know what I mean...these chairs were manufactured by Chromecraft, they are finished with vinyl fabric for seating and they have a chrome base. So retro! LOVE it!

9. Mid Century Sofa - $299

I thought this couch was so retro, I had to share it! It is in good condition and priced to sell. I believe the fabric is original, there is woodwork on the arms of the sofa and some type of fabric or rattan inlay....the seller did not say much, but that is what I gathered through this piece. This couch would look so rad in the right setting.


Source: NC Craigslist



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