The Time I Saw A Herman Miller Eames Chair

The other day I was browsing on "Craig", just To realize I wasn't on my local craigslist I was on Nashville Tennessee's ...

The other day I was browsing on "Craig", just To realize I wasn't on my local craigslist I was on Nashville Tennessee's board. Anyways as I was mistakenly checking out some furniture that I could not obtain, I saw this post of a Herman Miller Eames chair that has been recently recovered and was selling for $50, I literally started to get giddy. I have been wanting an Eames lounge chair for some time. In my mind an Eames lounge chair would be the perfect "man" chair in comparison to a bulky leather recliner. Again, there is no way I would be able to buy that chair; It is not even located in the state I live in and there is no way I am driving all the way over there to obtain it.
As I was contemplating about how sweet it would be to have an Eames chair, I got a gut wrench feeling (not a bad one, but a "I should have..." type of feeling). See, a couple of months ago I believe I actually came in contact with an Eames lounge chair at one of my local thrift stores. It looked just like an Eames chair, I would not even be shocked if it were a reproduction. Fact is I did not even approach the item up close to see the tag or to even check it out I literally admired it from a pretty close distance (about 10 feet) and talked myself out of it because I had my children with me. Later that day when I was talking with the mister I told him about the chair and he said, "why don't you get it?"....I thought about it, but again, I talked myself out of it. Now here I am wishing I had at least looked at the tag and got a closer look.

Source: Nashville Craigslist

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