DIY: Inkblot Console Table Skirt

A few weeks ago I shared with all of you how I was planning on creating a console table skirt to add some pattern and dimension to my ...

A few weeks ago I shared with all of you how I was planning on creating a console table skirt to add some pattern and dimension to my dining room. At that time, I was searching different stores to find fabric that I felt would compliment the vision I was going for. I was not looking for something to paint or what I deemed a complete DIY (paint, install, etc.). Basically, I was looking for an easy project. After searching high and low and returning some potential fabric candidates (I found some table cloths at Home Goods that I thought would work), I decided to bite the bullet and "just do it".  

The reason I was so hesitant on going through with this was because I was trying to get away from black and white. You get my gist?...Black and white are my go-to colors. Since, I could not find anything that I truly liked, I decided to just go for it. This project did not cost me anything and was very simple, the only thing that sucked was the drying time. 


I used left over latex paint and craft paint, white fabric cut to size, a staple gun, and some water. once I ran out of craft paint, I used a plastic disposable spoon to transfer latex paint into my craft paint bottle and I put some water in the bottle to thin out the paint. I did NOT  use a crazy amount of water just a few drops, you do not want it to be too runny. 


Before doing anything, I ironed the fabric, measured my console table,  and cut fabric to size. I knew I wanted a gap in between panels so I took that into consideration when measuring along with size of the no-sew adhesive tape width. Yes, this is a NO-SEW project! After cutting fabric I laid the fabric on plastic drip cloth (paint WILL seep through). 
     Note: I folded fabric in half and ironed it with a crease so I knew where the middle of the fabric        was at. You will need to fold fabric in order to mirror image over. 

Then I went to town and squeezed the paint from the craft paint bottle on ONE SIDE of the fabric (hence the creased line) and created a free form design. No design was pre-planned. You can make swirls, boxy shapes, splattered drops, etc...just have fun. 

After I was satisfied with my design, I folded the side with NO paint over and pressed on top of it. You can use your hand, but you will get paint all over it from the paint that seeps through. I used a large plastic bag so I would not get paint all over my hands. *I am lazy painter, so knowing me, I would have got paint all over my hands and not washed it off and would get it all over my project. 

Then open the folded side, let it dry, and admire your work.

       Note:  I continued to repeat the two previous steps until I was satisfied with my inkblots. 

To finish off the project, I attached the pieces of fabric to the table (shelf) using Little Green Notebook's tutorial. She gives step by step directions on how she measured and pieced her fabric together. Unlike Jennifer's table skirt, I did not lay a finished fabric piece on top because I have a moveable shelf that spans the width of my table. 

 I knew that I was going to like it once I started painting, but I did not think that I was going to love it as much as I do now. It gives my home an edge without looking gimmicky. As far as I am concern, it does not look homemade-homemade, but very chic! 

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  1. This is soooo fun! Love it! Thanks for linking up at Found & Foraged!

  2. What a cool DIY! I would love to do a scarf version of this!

    1. Thanks, that would look great...fashionista!

  3. This is such a simple way to make a room stand out! Thank you for sharing. I am going to have to remember this next time I redecorate my dinning room or living room space!

    1. Thanks Trisha! It definitely makes a statement.

  4. This looks so fun and incredibly cool! I like Miranda's idea of doing this with a scarf.

  5. This is GORGEOUS. This seems like a DIY I could actually DO! I have an old linen tablecloth I need to locate.