The Best of Craig: Free Finds

Hot Damn! Something is going down in the triangle area....woke up this morning to find a G- O-R-G-E-OU-S sofa on the free ads on craigslist...

Hot Damn! Something is going down in the triangle area....woke up this morning to find a G-O-R-G-E-OU-S sofa on the free ads on craigslist...I emailed the owners and I haven't heard back, but I had to share with you this beauty of a couch that someone is letting go for free...
This couch is most certainly a timeless beauty. Based off of the photo, I can tell this is vintage...probably constructed sometime in the mid century between the 1940s-1960s. This vintage davenport, what they used to call sofas back in the day, looks like it has a hollywood regency, art deco-ish feel to it....maybe it is the curve in the arm or the color of the fabric, but that is the feel I get from it. The fabric looks pretty original, which is nice. The form of the sofa is a beauty all in its self....they just don't make furniture the same way they use to....Lovin' this vintage piece...I hope they email me back.

Another hot item on today's craigslist free ad was a set of dining chairs, 6 to be exact. These dining chairs seem to have a regal feel, old world charm to them. I am pretty sure they are vintage based off of all the detail on them. They have a beautiful soft color fabric, it kind of looks like it may be a Chinoiserie print, but if am not 100%. You can tell these chairs look like they have been well taken care of.
I love the style of the chairs, but there is no way these chairs would fit into the scheme of my house decor. Maybe if it were just the captains chair I would so go for it, but since it's not....I will have to pass. But hey, what about that rug? that, too, is bad it is not up for grabs! Today's free finds are definitely worth whooing over!

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