Create the Perfect Outdoor Patio Inspired by Wayfair

This post is sponsored by Wayfair. All opinions are mine and mine alone Where did all the time go? Spring is already here and I a...

This post is sponsored by Wayfair. All opinions are mine and mine alone

Where did all the time go? Spring is already here and I am itching to decorate my outdoor patio/deck. As some of you may already know, I used to live in a townhouse and we did not have much of any outdoor space. Now that we are in a house and we have room to stretch our legs and run around, we want to make more use of our back patio. As a Wayfair customer (yes, I do some online shopping), I believe that the products they sell appeal to any style. Another thing I love about their shop is that they have an idea board where you can save items you would like to purchase in one area. This is a great way to see if your items flow well together. I recently put together a spring moodboard inspired by products I placed in my Wayfair idea board

My plan for my patio is to eventually create a space that is inspired by nature but is also colorful. I love to mix trends and patterns. Wayfair has such a huge selection of everything HOME; finding items that inspire me was quite simple. During the warm months, I would like our patio to be an extension of our home. Wayfair has outdoor and indoor furniture, but as I sat here envisioning my outdoor entertaining area, I realized the pieces I need are considered indoor furniture. I am not much of  a "farmhouse" girl, but I really wanted an outdoor farmhouse table. Some may not agree with the whole dining table outside thing, but I think it would look quite lavishing. Just picture it...Outdoor dinner parties, luncheon with your girlfriends, springtime soiree; the possibilities are endless. 

Talk about mixing of style, I have been feeling a little bohemian lately and loving the whole Shibori trend. Mix that textile with some layered solid and floral dishes and you have yourself a nice table setting. I have also been intrigued with bust statues and how timeless they are. They are so versatile and so pretty, you can pretty much use them anywhere in your house. This may seem like a reach, but trust me it will look good...a bust centerpiece with moss balls, candelabra, and some nice floral arrangement would look epic and grand. Tie it in with a nice outdoor persian rug and some modern pillows and seating, you have yourself a nice mix of old world meets new world.  

This is how I would love to decorate my outdoor patio for Spring, how do you plan to decorate your home for Spring using Wayfair

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  1. My sun room really needs some love and I think that black and white pillow with the roses would make it so happy. Great pieces here!

    1. Thanks! That black and white pillow is gorgeous!

  2. OH MY GOSHHHHH. This is all so, so gorgeous!!!!! I seriously love it all!

  3. YES to a dining table on the patio! We eat dinner outside almost every night when the weather is right. It's such a welcome break, and it's always festive. I love the floral dinnerware. Need to check it out!