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Happy Thursday! I have a good one for you today. Today I tagged team with some of my favorite gals. This will be the last Behind the Blog...

Happy Thursday! I have a good one for you today. Today I tagged team with some of my favorite gals. This will be the last Behind the Blogger post for this series....We literally saved the BEST FOR LAST and I hope you enjoy learning more about us. This post is all about my style 101. I will be breaking it down to the nitty gritty on what and who inspires my decor style. If you want to learn more about me and my blogging experience, check out the whole Behind the Blogger Series:

Domicile 37 Style

I always describe my style as Vintage Eclectic Edge, truth is my style is pretty psychedelic and has split personalities. I love what I love, without any true explanation behind it. One thing is for sure, I get most of my inspiration from fashion trends and high end online decor magazines (i.e. Lonny and Domaine). I am a BIG me, I dream design and in my sleep is where I figure out my design dilemmas. I cannot personally afford the style that I want to achieve so I try to create it on my own. There is a bit of sinister, chic, mysterious, fun, pop, global, and CHEAP in what I do---and this pretty much sums up my personality. So I guess if someone were to live in my brain, my house is how it would look. 

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I guess if I had to choose some celebrities who have influenced my personal style and to some degree my design style, it would be Lisa Bonet, Nicole Richie, and Little Mix. My closest friends and family know I love Lisa Bonet's and Nicole Richie's fashion style. When I was a child my mom used to tell me that I reminded her Lisa Bonet's character from the Cosby's, Denise Huxtable. When I was a child, I had a crazy sense of style that my mom thought was everywhere. Well mama, my inner me that is dying to come out is a mix of Lisa Bonet and Nicole Richie...A bit rebellious, free spirited, and funky (they kind of have some boho up in them---LOVE). This my husband knows to be true....I realized the older I get, the more boring I get---I attribute that to my husband. LOL! Every once and again my inner beast lets loose. Style wise, I dig there style and when I look for inspiration for whatever it is I am doing design, fashion, etc...I seek them out on the net....I even have a whole pinterest board dedicated to them. I may sound like a hoot, but they are a HUGE inspiration to me. I can honestly say, the colors I love and decorate my house have at times been inspired by Mrs. Richie, herself. 

So how does Little Mix fit into this category---they inspire me more on the design side. Besides the fact that they are AH-MAZING vocalist, their fashion style is very UK-ish. I started to realize that my personal decor style lends itself more in the realm with the design styles that are popular over the pond. Besides the fact that they have a DOPE sense of fashion, I LOVE their music and I listen to them (and watch their videos) when I am working on projects and no-lie, inspiration ALWAYS hits. I am not young like them so I do not dress like them, but their outfits help my creative side, whether it be mixing and matching of patterns, color combinations, or even on an artistic scale. 

Other artist who inspire my personal decor style, would be Beba Rexha, Transviolet, Kat Dahlia, Florence and the Machine, Lady Gaga, and Tim Burton--These ladies and Man, are in good. These particular individuals either have an edge to them that makes me bring out my inner bad girl, or they have a haunting vibe to them that I love in decor...almost macabre, without the dramatic effect...I guess, I would say sinister and not typically expected from me. 

Some of my favorite UK designers/bloggers are: 

Domicile 37 clothing Style

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Compared to my home decor style, my personal fashion style is pretty relaxed. Most of my clothes are on replay...I rather spend money on my kids and decor than on myself. This moodboard is a GREAT depiction of my style WHEN I dress up. I am always working on projects, so my daily style is more like sweat pants, but when I DO doll myself up, most the time it consist of boyfriend jeans and a plaid shirt or a chambray shirt and jeans. I wear flats 99% of the time---ballet slippers, light weight tennis shoes, or my combat boots (I even wear them with dresses). I wear dresses and skirts to church. I own it seems like a million pencil skirts (from back when I worked in an office and I normally pair it with a loose shirt (I have a ton of sheer shirts) and a cardigan or my faux leather jacket. Same goes with my dresses. For the most part I like my tops and dresses loose, you will rarely ever see me in a form fitted dress or shirt of any kind. Most of my the colors, I gravitate towards when it comes to fashion are jewel tones and black. I always try to top off my look with lipstick, either in a wine color or nude. I love my sun glasses and I rock a hat a lot as well. 

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Here is a reminder moodboard of my style---I gravitate towards moody colors with a mix of pastels. I like colorful art and "unique" art like that mannequin print from Society 6. The mister begged me not to purchase that print, because of the kids...please note, my style is sugared down a lot because of my children (we need to keep everything pretty innocent, right?). I like typography, not just any typography, but text from magazine and I try to depict that style in any signage I create. My favorite types of rugs are Persian Rugs and Over-dyed rugs. I have a love for Chinoiserie, Art Deco, Art Nouveau, and Hollywood Regency Decor style mixed with a modern trendy art and decor. I do not know if all of this comes through in my design, but I hope so. 

Some of my favorite famous inspirational Home Interior Designers are: 

Well, that does it for this series! I hope you enjoyed learning more about me and my decor style and who influences me. Please stop by the other gals, sites to learn more about them and their style. 

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  1. My style is pretty all-over-the-place, too, whether you're looking in my closet or around my home. I like what I like, too. The one thing for sure is, I love accessorizing :)

    1. Haha! I am so happy I am not the only one! Thanks girl for visiting.

  2. I loved reading this series. It is fun getting to know the person behind the blog. I love when someone finds their personal style and relaxes into it. It's such a relief to know what you like and what looks good on you.