Behind the Blogger: My Design Journey

This post may contain affiliate links Happy Monday everyone! I hope you had a great Super Bowl Sunday! Today is another post from the Be...

This post may contain affiliate links

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you had a great Super Bowl Sunday! Today is another post from the Behind the Blogger series. I handsomely titled my post, My Design Journey....Let's just say that I did  that on purpose. Haha...I am still on my design journey. My post today will focus more on my some of my favorite and least favorite blog post, tools I love, things I cannot live without and so much more.

To start off,  I would like to first state, that I do not believe that you have to have a design degree to be great designer. As long as you have passion, drive, and are willing to learn you can put your mind to anything you want to do. Another thing I believe is that your home represents who you are and should be an expression of you. As a home decor blogger and someone who has a background with design, I consider my home "my business" ---it is the foundation of my brand. 

I guess I consider this a reflection post, but one of the things we were asked to share was our biggest home decor pet peeve. HMMMM....I really do not have many...or really any, but since I am asked....I would not hung properly, whether it is not proportionate to the scale of the wall, hung too high or too low. Yeah, I guess that will be it. I honestly try not to point out what I consider wrong to people unless I am asked, then I will say what I think needs to happen in the simplest, nicest way possible. We love imperfection here.... (my guide to hanging tips, link below)

(click link for my tips on how to hang art)

The one design item (home decor item) I cannot live without is my pink chenille couch. I love it so much...It was literally love at first sight. She is perfect, moody, and petite and fits perfectly into my personality. 

The one DIY item I cannot live without is my upholstery kit. Just for starters....this kit is all that and so much more and has saved me on more accounts than I can count. You might remember this tool that I used, on when I removed the skirt from my sofa

The one color I cannot live without is gold---I love gold leaf, gold spray paint, gold furniture, gold decor, gold anything. Gold is my neutral...along with black and white. I always have gold spray paint on me and I try to always keep my gold leaf stocked up. Those are typically my go-to for DIY's. 

My favorite project to date is?... Well, I have TWO projects that I love. Number one being my New Year New Room Dining Room Refresh. This is a direction of style that I have been trying to portray, but only till now it has been able to all spill out. I think it is because of the space we have in the new rental, but my creative juices have been running non stop with ideas.  Number two is my Little Girls Room Makeover. I guess this is when I first became really serious about blogging, was featured in Apartment Therapy, and when people started taking notice. 

My least favorite project has been....nothing. I know I sound corny, but with every project I attempt, I learn more about myself as a DIYer and designer. Everything I have done has taught me a lesson and I would not change that because it has allowed me to grown into the designer and blogger I am today. However, I do have a project I love that I shared, but wish I had taken better photos of, which you can see, here.

I guess this is more of a personal, fun post of who I am as a designer. took me til not to realize that. haha. As we draw near to the end of this post, I would like to share my 3 no-fail design tips that works for me are...

1. Moody colors and pastels work hand in hand. 

2. Floral, geometric, and solids are my go to patterns

3. Black and white goes with anything. 

That is it for this Monday. I guess I left you with a little teaser, but I plan to explain my 3 no-fail design tips more in detail on a later date. Enjoy and please make sure you stop by my buddies pages to learn more about them and their "journey."

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  1. Your photos look amazing! I wish I knew how to upholster. That's a technique Ill have to learn soon. :) Um. I may have misunderstood the last question on my end. lol. Great post. :)

  2. Yes! Moody colours and pastels -- so true, but never stopped to think about it! Love that, and love your style! Thanks for sharing