Secret Santa 2015

* This post may contain affiliate links Happy Wednesday!  Guys, it has been a LOOOOONG week! I have been a little AWOL due to me pr...

*This post may contain affiliate links

Happy Wednesday! 

Guys, it has been a LOOOOONG week! I have been a little AWOL due to me prepping for our BIG move...and well, yesterday was the day! We moved into our new rental. Yay! 

Christmas if almost here and I do not have a single gift wrapped BUT I did receive a gift from my secret blogging Santa. In fact, I think she spoiled me!!! I must have been good this year...haha! Want to know who my secret Santa was? Well, it is none other than the host of this blog hop and the creative mind behind this challenge....Sara from Shabby Grace Blog

If you do not know about Sara, you ought to! haha! She is a mom, fun, creative, innovative, a vintage collector, a designer, and last but not least she is pretty dang cool! I am not saying this just because she was my secret Santa, but because she truly is. I can honestly say she is always one of the first people to comment on any of my post, she shares everyones post, and she just eludes positive energy. I don't think I could have asked for a better secret Santa! 

We had a budget of $25 for a store bought item, and $5 for a thrift store (we will debut that at a later date, so be on the lookout). Sara gifted me Emily Henderson's new book, Styled, homemade chocolate that she teased via social media, comfy house shoes, a jewelry holder, a frozen Charlotte doll, and a s'mores kit for my kids. She truly outdid herself and I feel blessed to be in her company. I love how she paid attention to little details of who I am as a designer and mother. 

I hinted in the questionnaire given that I would love the new Emily Henderson book, on her own Sara was able to look at my home decor to know that I love that is where I believe the Jewelry holder comes into play...and that my name starts with a "J", AND when I shared a "My Favorite Things" post, I shared that I am loving cozy house can NEVER have too many of these.  Not pictured above, she also gifted me a Frozen Charlotte doll (click the link for more info about the doll). I have never heard of them before, but I have seen them. They remind me of the roaring 20's and Titanic...Oh how I love things with a some history! I love how thoughtful she was and she was able to incorporate little pieces of who I am in every single item. 

A BIG thank you to Sara for these AH-MAZING gifts....girl, you made my Christmas season. All this love was very thoughtful, kind, and very much appreciated! Love you!....Thank you! 

I cannot wait to see who got who and all the goodness that was given...exciting! If you are hopping from blog to blog, the next one up is My Life from Home....Thank you for stopping by I love all of you.... MERRY CHRISTMAS and Happy Holidays. 

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  1. Wow, I can't believe what a fabulous gift for $25! Amazing! Have a wonderfully happy holiday season, Jess!

  2. Looks like someone might have cheated, lol! It's hard not to. Merry Christmas!

  3. Hmmmmmm I'm thinking thats over the limit Sara, LOL. Great gifts. Thanks so much for my gifts Jess.

  4. Oh man, I'm busted! LOL I must say, I love all your gifts! haha I'm glad you enjoyed them! Happy New Year girly!!!

  5. Homemade chocolates.. How can anyone not love that?! What a great gift! I loved this hop... and I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with for the Thrift Flip! xo!