Liebster Award

Happy Friday!  Recently, I found out that I was nominated for the Liebster award by my dear blogging friend Stacey from Stacey Homemake...

Happy Friday! 

Recently, I found out that I was nominated for the Liebster award by my dear blogging friend Stacey from Stacey Homemaker. I am very honored to be nominated and excited to learn about other blogs through this award and get to know them better. Below are some interview questions that I was asked by Stacey and some random facts about me. ENJOY!... 

Why did you start blogging? How long have you blogged for?
I started blogging in January of 2013. For the most part I blogged privately and I really did not tell anyone. I was not sure if anyone would get me. I have been wanting to blog since 2008, so in 2013 I decided that I was going to put my big girls panties on and get to work. At first, my blog was just a place for me to write about what inspires me, now I hope that I can inspire others. I LOVE to blog and I have a passion for interior design (I actually have a degree in Industrial design and I minored in Interior Design) so why not make it a part of my lifestyle? 

What is you favorite cheat food?
Ooooh, I have too many! People really do not know this about me...but I am a big foodie! I love ethnic food and I would say my absolute favorite cheat food is Thai Coconut Curry Soup with Calrose white rice (sticky rice) and Chamorro (Guamanian) BBQ with red rice and potato salad....mmmm so good! I just like ethnic food in general! I am not a big rice eater...but with those foods, mmmm...I have to! 

Have you ever been out of the country before? Where did you go?
No, I have not been out of the country...

What is the story behind your Blog name?
Believe it or not, I went through a "blog crisis" and switched my name sometime in June of 2014. My blog's first name was Joyous Eclecticism, this name was inspired by my love of Eclectic Decor. Once I changed my blog name, I really wanted it to mean something to me...So I chose Domicile 37 a spin on Apartment 37. 37 is the number of my current rental, which is a diamond in the rough and is the first rental that I lived in where I actually felt inspired to create, design, and DIY things. I have always decorated our past rental...but not to the degree of this rental due. So this diamond in the rough that I am living in is most certainly the inspiration for my blog name. Love It! 

What’s your favorite hobby?
I am kind of boring...not really, but to some people I may be. My favorite hobby is blogging and working on projects. Besides taking care of my kids and spending time with the mister, blogging and projects are what I look forward to doing...I know boring, right? 

What was the best thing you ever splurged on for yourself?

Oooooh, this is a toughie! Splurge, splurge, splurge...I really do not know. I am so cheap. If I have to name something, I guess I will say my, vintage pink love seat. It cost me $99 and I purchased it off of Craig and it is the most expensive piece of furniture purchased in my rental to date. 

Where is your dream vacation location? Have you been there yet?

I would love to visit Europe and Spain sometime in my lifetime. I love the Architectural detail in the buildings over there and I love things with rich history. So I think it would be awesome, educational, and romantic. 

What sets your blog a part from all the other blogs out there?
I have always loved classy, traditional, vintage decor mixed with a pop of funk so what I hope sets my blog a part from others is that I have unique decor style. I love a lot of different things and some of the things I like may not make sense to others but it makes a lot of sense to me and I hope that my blog can inspire others to think outside of the box. I also want people to know that chic does not necessarily mean cheap looking. Again, I love a mix of styles but I love saving money when decorating and I do not ever want what I do to look like the amount I paid for it...if you know what I mean. 

Have you ever binge watched an entire TV show series in one day?
Yes, I have!...Rehab Addict, Drop Dead Diva, Baby Daddy, The Game....and so much more. The more I get serious with blogging the less TV I watch, but when I am up late at night, I have to have the TV is just out of habit. 

Do you ever shop with coupons?
Oh man, do I not ever? I am so cheap, I am a good way. I will not and do not pay for things at full price. I either will get it on clearance or use a coupon...ha, I even pull out my coupons at the thrift stores. Yes, I do!...and if I do not have any, I will at least try to bargain with them...It all depends on what I need the item for and if I plan to repurpose it. 

Would you rather go out to eat or cook at home?
I mentioned that I am a foodie...but here is the kicker, I absolutely do not like to cook and I am not big on eating out. If we do eat out I prefer it to be at a Ma and Pa joint, it just taste better than chain restaurants. Do not think I do not cook...I do, I have kids to feed, but my menu is on repeat. 

11 Random Facts about Me: 

1. I am indecisive--I know it is a bad thing, but I like a lot of things and I, for the most part cannot ever make up my is like a curse. That is why the decor in my house changes so much. 

2. I was a Polynesian Dancer for like 13 years of my life. My younger sister actually still dances and competes in competitions and all--she is a PRO! 

3. I wrestled in high school and made it all the way to state. Yeah, that is something I am quite proud of, considering the fact I do not know many female wrestlers, especially at the high school level. 

4. I am married to my high school sweet heart--my love. 

5. My family is an interracial family. The mister is Samoan and Irish and I am Filipino and black  (I have other things mixed in me within my ethnicity, but for the most part this is what I consider myself to be). The mister and I would love to do DNA test on ourselves to get a full scope of what makes up our DNA, but yeah...we are mixed---

6. I only eat beef like once a month. I like real food, not junk and I barely eat sweets. I always feel sick to my stomach whenever I eat crap.

7. If you asked me 15 years ago, maybe even 10 years ago, what I want to be when I am older, I would have said a "FLY GIRL"...basically a backup dancer. My dream was to be a background dancer for (old school) Janet Jackson or On Living Color. I know crazy right? I love watching people dance, but I always think..."that could have been me."

8. I rather eat yogurt over ice cream. 

9. I rarely ever buy myself clothes or shoes. I rather spend my money on home decor stuff. 

10. I buy my kids clothes off of the clearance racks and/or at consignment sales. I do not have to be cheap when it comes to my kids, I just choose to be....They love going to consignment sales and we look forward to going spring/summer and fall/winter shopping there. I do not think I ever bought them clothes at full price. Hey, kids are expensive...

11. I workout...y'all probably already know that...if you follow me on instagram. I love to lift weights and I hate anything cardio related. I try to do cardio, but it is nothing I fancy. I like feeling the soreness after I motivates me and makes me feel good.

I Nominate...
It was really hard for me to choose and nominate other bloggers, because there are SOOO many GOOD blogs out there. So without further adieu, I would like to nominate:
Dayne from The Daily Dayne, Heather from The Deans List, Meg from Green with Decor, Trisha from The Ham and Cheese of It.

Since I only nominated four people, I will only ask  them 8 Questions.

8 Questions for my nominees

1. What is your blog background story--why did you start blogging? When did you start? Who inspired you to start?

2. What are your hidden talents?

3. If you could collaborate with any other blogger, who would it be and why?

4. What ONE thing would you splurge on if money was not an issue?

5. What is your decor style? and why?

6. Are you thrifty? What are your favorite underground (thrifty) shops?

7. New build or Old construction and why?

8. What do you love most about blogging?

A BIG thanks to Stacey for nominating and to those nominated, I look forward to learning more about you. 

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  1. Yay for Polynesian dancing!! :D! I learned Tahitian + hula in college, but I really wish I'd started younger!

    1. Thanks. In your profile FB pic are you hula dancing in that? It looks like you are. If you have the passion to do it, you should continue to do.

  2. Congrats on your Liebster award! Love reading this and getting to know you. I've vacationed in Spain and you would love it there. That's so awesome that you were a Polynesian dancer for so long. Congrats again!

    1. Thanks Theresa! I was telling the mister that once we are empty nesters we WILL be going to Spain...he agreed.

  3. I love the story behind your blog name! Also, definitely go to Europe! We traveled there on our honeymoon and the architecture is unbelievable!

    1. Thank you! I really want to go to Europe...I know I will have a blast. That is cool that you went there on your honeymoon.

  4. Thai Coconut Curry soup!? YUM! I am a big time thrifter too and I love all of your beautiful photos. It's nice to meet you.

    1. Thank you and thanks for stopping by Natalie!

  5. I love the story behind your blog name! You had me laughing at the term "blog crisis". I don't feel like I'm in a crisis state however I am nearing the time I will be changing my blog name to better fit the direction I'd like to go so maybe I am in a blog crisis. ;) Congrats on the Liebster Award!

    1. Haha...THANKS for your kind words! When it comes to blog changes, I believe that you should do what would make you happy because if you do not it will continue to bother you. So I say, go for it.

  6. I love sales and coupons ;)

  7. Congrats on the award. Thai coconut curry soup sounds so delicious!

  8. You shared so many cool things about yourself, I don't know where to start. I love the name of your blog and the story behind it is neat. I really love that you were a Polynesian dancer -- that is cool beyond words!

    1. Awwww, Thanks Traci for your kind words!

  9. Congrats on getting the Leinster Award! I have to say, you're very interesting person ha. Just all the things you've done and your personality - I'm sure you have a lot more interesting stories to tell! #blogitforward

    1. Thanks are too sweet!

  10. Mmmm....Coconut Curry Soup...that got my drool sensors working. It's nice to meet you Stacey, and congratulations on the award!

  11. I have always really loved your blog name. :) It's simple but I think different enough that it sticks out.
    And yay for delicious food that someone else cooks!
    Congrats on the Liebster. :)

    1. Thanks Justine! I cannot help it...I am a lazy cook, especially on Thanksgiving. The mister makes Thanksgiving dinner and I do all the clean up....and you know...He is a messy cook.

  12. Congrat's on being nominated. I've been nominated too. Good luck!

  13. I absolutely LOVE this! At first sight of your blog, I am learning SO SO much about you. IT was fabulous, we have lots in common and I cannot WAIT to read more and gain a sense of decor from your blog.