Little Girl's Bathroom Vanity Reveal

  In April, I participated in the #30dayflip Challenge and I chose to redo my girl's bedroom . During the challenge, I realiz...


In April, I participated in the #30dayflip Challenge and I chose to redo my girl's bedroom. During the challenge, I realized I could not just leave their vanity area as was a hot mess! 

You cannot really tell, but the cabinets are creame with yellow undertone...and what is that contraption under the sink? This has to be the oddest sink base I have ever seen, literally! I have no clue to what is going on with this vanity and why it does not have a normal base cabinet. Hey, we still use it anyways. All this space needed was a little money and a good weekend to make this vanity look stunning...well, cleaned up and appealing. 

I love items that serve some type of purpose. When planning out my girls vanity area, I knew that I wanted some decor pieces that I can store their hair clips, bows, headbands, etc...I did not just want anything, I wanted pieces that complimented the girl's room. With a couple of bucks in my pocket I decided to hit up the clearance racks at Target. I purchased the bunny ceramic container and glass bowl to put my daughters hair supplies in and the cabinet knobs (pictured below). The beautiful gold basket was gifted by my sister in law. I have never really seen anything like is functional, gold, and absolutely charming. 

The cabinetry definitely needed to be retouched. Prior to this makeover I spoke with the landlady and she okayed me to paint the bathroom cabinetry white, so that is exactly what I did. I switched out the cabinet handles with knobs. The pulls were originally chrome. After much consideration, I decided to spray paint the knobs gold. If anything these knobs are one of my girl's favorite "new" feature in this space. 

When something is not broke, I typically do not try to fix it...but with the knobs, I had no other choice but to spray paint them. It just made more sense and would make the space feel more cohesive. The original handles can be found on my DIY/Upcycle Shutter Door turned Chic Door makeover. Although the original hardware was gold in color and perfectly functional the size was literally TOO big for the drawers. Some renters would make easy changes by switching out handles with handles or knobs with knobs, but since the vanity was not in the best shape and dingy, I thought that the knobs would suite it better after the paint job and be more in scale with the drawer size. At $0.80 a knob, I figure I would leave the knobs with the rental property once we move out. It is not a bad touch and looks more modern versus dated like the other ones. 

When it comes to my children...I do not like traditional kiddie themed spaces. I do deem them cute, but not for my family. I want a space that can grow with my kids and I am also not a big toy person either. Knowing my girls I know that they are messy and love clutter and love to drag that mess into the vanity area so keeping this space with minimal decor and a clear floor space was a necessity. So far they have been great at not destroying their room and keeping the mess to a minimal.

Do you recognize the deer? If not, I posted about it here. My husband spotted this deer on the side of the road at an estate sale. I literally walked away from this deer twice just to turn my car around, drop the kids and the mister home and buy the deer. I really, REALLY wanted it, so I splurged and bought it...yep, I bargained and it worked! 

The Vanity skirt was created because of the weird contraption under the sink. NO, it is not exposed pipes...just some beat up board that keeps falling...I really do not know why it is there to begin with but oh well, It is not my house...To conceal the contraption, I used a $3 Nate Berkus curtain I picked up at Target a few months ago, pleated the ends of both side, and stapled it under the sink.--The lazy guide to creating a vanity skirt, you got to love it!

I hope you enjoyed this reveal and I would love to hear your thoughts on how you would make a cosmetic change to something that really cannot be my vanity sink.

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  1. It looks nice now. Great transformation.

  2. So great! I especially love that deer! Quirky and fun! love it! xox

  3. Oh goodness! I love how clean everything looks. Beautiful transformation!

  4. Looks great! Love the knobs!!!