Mini Bedroom Makeover Reveal

Finally, FINALLY, finally! My computer is alive! I have been waiting all day to post this, but my computer was acting up and it finally...

Finally, FINALLY, finally! My computer is alive! I have been waiting all day to post this, but my computer was acting up and it finally decided to cooperate. I guess we all have our days...

I completed my master bedroom mini makeover and I LOVE IT! I have said before that I am shocked in the direction I decided to go with it, but I am happy that I decided to step out of the box. Earlier in the year, I blogged about saving and not spending and that is what I was attempting to do with this makeover. I think I accomplished my goal. A little bit of money was spent, but it needed to be. I still cannot believe that 90% of the decor used in this makeover were things that I already had. I literally spent less than $50 on this makeover! Ah-mazing, right?  

Can you believe I had all this "art" laying around my house? If you follow me on instagram you know that the dream catcher was a total DIY, but surprisingly I had all the material in my craft cabinet. The Persian rug was a lucky thrift store find that I found on New Years day and for the price of persian rugs, I basically got that for free. The animal head, I purchased at a local consignment sale last year...again, basically for free. When I say that I received some items "basically free," I mean it was so cheap you would cringe with disbelief...I kid you not. 

I saved myself from purchasing a new headboard by reusing my old headboard and giving it a facelift...I will save that for another post. That sexy dresser was a $10 Craigslist find. Get this, I did NOTHING to it. Yep, I said that! It was a beauty just the way it was and it completely makes the room. No need to say more. 

The art piece above my bed, was a DIY project inspired by an African Juju hat. I posted it, here. The wall sconces were purchased from Target years ago. I do not know if they still sell them, but they add just the right amount of lighting to my room. Since it is a sconce and the light bulb sits inside the "shade" the lighting is not too brash. 

Love is the New Black...yep, that was a total DIY with poster board and black paint. A girl's gotta do what a girls gotta do. I love that quote and the one thing every "finished" room in my house has in common, is there is some sort of black and white element.

If that chair and table looks familiar, it is because I decided it looked better in my room. Ha! Nope, this room is not staged, those items are staying. The orange board is an old DIY table turned piece of art. Again, I had to think outside the box....

The credenza was a FREE craigslist find. I was shocked that it was posted for 2-weeks for free before I scooped it up. It is mid century and an absolute beauty. The brown southwestern blanket was something, I had to incorporate into this room. It is one of my favorite blankets that I own. It has the worn, vintage look to it, which I love. 

The art in the corner was painted by my friend, they are banana leaves inspired by The Aestate's watercolor leaves. I feel so blessed to have talented friends!

My jewelry station...Queen Nefertiti...aww yes. Some people use Baroque-bust, but I use Queen Nefertiti, a basket, and a DIY ceramic holder. Simplicity at its best.

Well folks, that is a wrap. I hope you enjoy my room as much as I do. 

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  1. It looks so amazing! You are so talented.

    1. Thanks Libby! I love the banana leaves!

  2. You are seriously amazing! I can't believe you got that credenza for free!!! I love how eclectic, collected, effortless (although I know you poured yourself into this space) this looks. You should submit this to Apartment Therapy. I know so many people would appreciate your design aesthetic!

    1. Thank you so much! You are always so sweet. The one thing I noticed about living on the East Coast in furniture Central (NC) is that people give away a lot of good furniture, so I am always on the look out. Thanks for the advice on Apartment Therapy, I will look into that!