3 Versatile Dining Table Decor Ideas

While staring at my dining table and thinking about how I wanted to decorate it for this upcoming holiday season, it hit me...my dining tabl...

While staring at my dining table and thinking about how I wanted to decorate it for this upcoming holiday season, it hit me...my dining table is an interchangeable blank canvas. Nothing placed on it is ever permanent. I change the decor on it depending on the holiday, season, and my mood. Since my dining table decor is constantly changing, the items used to decorate my table need to be versatile as well. Living in a rental that lacks storage, I do not have the option of storing decor only used for certain seasons. With that said, I gathered 3 different dining table decor ideas that are trendy, versatile, and can work in any decor style.

1. Use a tray to display your dining table decor

Using a tray to hold floral arrangements, candleholders, and other decor is a great way to display your table decorations and keep it contained at the same time. This idea is great especially if your table serves multiple purposes (i.e. dining table and workspace). The tray and decor looks pretty when it is out but can easily be placed elsewhere.

2. Tablescape with year-around table decor

Tablescaping your dining table with year-a-round table settings and tablecloth is a good way to reuse what you already have. For instance, The table setting featured screams trendy, hip, and everything cool. The aqua colored plates and cloth napkins can be reused in a whimsical Christmas setting, dinner with friends, or in a spring tablescape. The black and white ikat tablecloth is extremely versatile and can play off of any color. It can be used for an everyday tablecloth, a tribal Halloween, or pair it with vibrant ornaments for Christmas and you have yourself a nice trend-setting holiday tablescape.

3. Decorate with glass bottles

Using glass wine bottles is a fun way to decorate your table. Cluster the wine bottles topped with candles or easily pair them with floral arrangements and you have yourself a grand over the top centerpiece. These bottles can be spray painted, cut, and repurposed for other uses to match party themes or holiday decor and can also double as vases.

All of these ideas can easily be replicated with thrifty finds or DIYed to fit any decor scheme. So, how do you plan to decorate your dining table this holiday? Do you decorate with versatile pieces? Do you use any of these ideas in your everyday dining table decor? I am curious to know...

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    1. Thanks for the comment and for stopping by!

  2. Trays are lifesavers I tell ya.. Having decor items that transcend seasons is a great tip for budget decorating..
    Thanks for the tips

    1. Yes! I love trays they are so versatile and cool at the same time! I tell ya, I a tray hoarder!